…Valarie Rae Miller, Actor

Yesterday we posted a great video that Valarie Rae Miller (Josie on “Reaper”) put together of the cast and crew of “Reaper” lip syncing to “Can’t Truss It”. (Click HERE to see the video again.) The readers sent in emails and I went direct to the source for some answers.

Here is what Valarie had to say for herself:

TheTwoCents: What “possessed” you to make this video?
Valarie Rae Miller: The idea for the video came from a dinner conversation with Cash Warren (who owns the site) and Jessica Alba last week. They showed me the site and I saw the one that they had done for the site’s launch. It was so much fun that I wanted to do something. Cash suggested that I eat a tablespoon of cinnamon – one of the competitions that was posted. I loved all of the trash talking that went on between the members so I told Cash I was going try to do something with the guys from work. He kinda dared me. That’s all it took. 😉

TTC: How easy was it to get the cast and crew involved?
VRM: Some of the cast and crew were really gung-ho. Some… well… let’s just say I had to do a lot of persuading. A lot of people get really shy when there’s a camera around. Even many of the actors were nervous. Once we got rolling, I put together a rough cut and showed some of the more timid members of our Reaper family. What’s really funny is that a couple of the more memorable bits came from the second-rounders.

TTC: How did you pick that great song?
VRM: I knew I wanted to do something that was related to having “The Devil” as a character on the show. (How great is that?) I got the cast and crew to help me brainstorm. We came up with a ton of crazy options. The more obvious choices were the often used Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” and then there was “Devil Inside” by INXS. After I got Rick Gonzales and Tyler Labine to look at the site where I was posting it we all decided it should be upbeat. Then I asked everyone. “Can’t Truss It” popped into my head when I heard that Flava Flav was in town doing a TV show. I have been on “Flav Watch” all week to try to get him to do a cameo….Maybe in a remix. It was also a good choice because it would take everyone out of their comfort zone since no one really knew the whole song.

Thanks for the input Valarie! Let’s all hope that Reaper comes back next year as it’s a great show that unfortunately not a lot of people are watching.

So, did you guys like that video or what? Don’t the cast and crew look like they would be so much fun to work with?

[photo: Eric Ogden/The CW]