Put your knowledge to the test in this exciting new game created for the iPhone and iPod touch! Pick a category and dollar amount and answer clues written by Jeopardy writers. Buzz in quickly and answer correctly to watch your earnings rise, then hum along with the classic Final Jeopardy theme music while you respond to the final clue.

Key Features
· Use the touchscreen to write your name on the podium, just like a real contestant on Jeopardy
· Play in Landscape mode so that you see the contestants and the categories on the same screen
· Includes real sounds from the game, including the class Final Jeopardy Music
· Listen to the famous voiceover “This…is…Jeopardy!” from the famous Johnny Gilber when the game starts
· Create your own custom contestant
· Packed with over 1500 clues, enjoy hours of entertainment

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