Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Supergirl is back at it with another “villain” of the week story interspersed with some more personal moments.

The villain is Psi (Yael Grobglas). She likes to robs banks and as mega mind control powers. We are introduced to her mid-robbing a bank where Supergirl is even taken aback by her powers. J’onn tries to create a psych field to protect her, but it’s short-lived and Psi (aka Gayle Marsh) wins. When Supergirl’s mind is taken over by fear, Kara is mentally transported to that fateful day she was sent off Krypton and trapped inside a pod for years when she was thrown off course. Definitely not a happy Kara memory.

Supergirl later brings Winn aside saying she knows Psi gets her power from exploiting people’s fears. She wants Winn to help solve it and not tell J’onn and Alex. Of course that doesn’t last when Alex is able to get to Winn later. Next time Psi is spotted, Kara never makes it to the bank, but instead has a mental meltdown in a CatCo elevator and I’m just surprise no one found her as half Kara and half Supergirl. Kara ends up breaking out of the elevator and building to escape the mind control. I hope she gets that big hole fixed.

Alex eventually confronts Kara about what she saw and reminds her that you can’t let your fears define you. In the final Psi heist, she dons the fears of a bunch of construction workers. Ruby (Samantha’s daughter) is nearby and walks into harms way to get her mom out there to save ever after spending the earlier part of the episode convincing her mom that she’s a superhero. Supergirl ends up saving both of them when a wrecking ball hurls at them from the air.

After this latest moment, Kara realizes her fear is not her in the pod, it’s Mon-El. She sees him as dead and it’s her fault because she made him get in the pod and he has to be dead because there’s been no word from him. Alex pleads with her sister saying that Mon-El is alive and that gets Kara to change her perspective and get her to have the upper hand against Psi.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lena arrives at CatCo ready to dig her heels into the ins and outs of running a media conglomerate while leaving someone else in charge at L-Corp. Too bad she failed to tell James this, who is thrown having been the one in charge the last year. There’s some tense moments between the two and some of it seems resolved, but there is a new power struggle in town. Kara also takes advantage of her friendship with Lena to blow off work duties for DEO duties, but it catches up with her. Lena can see through Kara’s lies and wants her to take some time post Mon-El, but Kara fights back claiming it’s personal and she doesn’t want to talk about it at work. So Len goes from friend to boss saying how Kara isn’t doing her job and leaving the office all the time. It only seems inevitably that the truth come out? In the end, the friends do make up with Kara admitting her mood is about Mon-El.

Alex and Maggie spend some time in disagreement land. First with about having a band or a DJ at the wedding. Event J’onn and Winn voice their opinions about this one. And later, seems Alex wants kids and Maggie never saw herself be a mom. Is this the beginning of the end?

And then there’s Samantha. She spends the episode telling her daughter Ruby that her super strength power came from mom adrenaline and that’s what helped her life the tower. Samantha ends up asking Ruby why she was bothering her so much about being a superhero, especially since it got her into a fight at school and Ruby admits that if she did, all she would do is save lives all day and spend all her time with her. Aww. Also loved Ruby asking if Supergirl has a job.

Speaking of which, Samantha is in town because she has a new job. She’ll be running L-Corp while Lena is at CatCo. She even meets Kara at the end of the episode. Samantha also tries to bend a crowbar later, but nothing happens…for now.

The episode ends with J’onn at a bar getting a message from M’gann telling him to come to Mars now.

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