Criminal Minds
Killer App

Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

This episode was original scheduled to air last week- and when Emily asks Luke to write up his final interaction with Mr. Scratch (he did he was supposed to, in justice and in protocol), we can tell. But when we open on a violent workplace shooting in Silicon Valley, it’s easy to understand why. Three men are dead, killed by machine gun fire in brutal fashion.

While the victims were riddled with bullets, only a few other people sustained minor injuries, suggesting a targeted attack. The team also suspects multiple shooters. Before long, they’re involved in a car chase with a possible suspect. But he’s nothing- just an upset ex-employee who keyed a boss’s car. That means a mass murderer is still on the loose. And when he strikes again, he takes out all of the four employees working at a home-based business.

Nobody knows just what our killer looks like. That’s because he wasn’t at the scenes at all. He’s using an automatic drone to target coders across the city. All the victims (with the exception of a security guard) were unemployed for about the same period of time. And the BAU aren’t the only ones noticing these non-coincidences. Unfortunately, the other woman who does, who says all the victims were part of some team, soon becomes a target herself.

When the authorities catch up to her car, Tori is missing, but not yet dead. She’s being forced to drive the unsub, Jake, to an unknown location. Her national security company guided the creation of a similar drone that he designed and operated. He’s traumatized now by the numbers of people he’s killed, including children, by the push of a button. He’s angry that the government cares so little. And that’s highlighted when the head of the company involved talks with a casual attitude about letters send to his former employees- which included figures of how many people they’d killed.

Tory manages to grab Jake’s gun, shoot him, and escape. The team talks to her later at a hospital. She openly denies Jake mentioning anything about body counts, which were kind of a big deal to him. We track down Jake, who is dead, but not from Tori’s single shot. He’s been shot multiple times by a drone as well. He was murdered by representatives of his former company. Because they had killed, through Jake, 372 innocent children mistakenly labelled as terrorists. And they want to kill Tory before she can speak, too.

Tory is saved before a fake cop can shoot her, but given that she knew everything, I have no pity when she is arrested, along with the company’s boss. This is a deeply sobering episode- not only because of all the terrible things that happened, but because of how real they all felt to our world today. We do get a couple mood-lifters- first, a sweet scene between Emily and Luke, and then a reminder Shemar Moore will guest star next week(!) But I’d still suggest avoiding this episode if you want to maintain a good mood.

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