How to Get Away with Murder
Was She Ever Good At Her Job?

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Emotional blows can’t keep Annalise down. For one thing, if they did, she’d have been out of the game a long time ago. But now she has something big up her sleeve. Something that involves going against the state of Pennslyvania- and using a tape recorder so her notes can’t be hacked. She also needs money, and so she heads off to offer an olive branch to Sonya (aka the Middleton president in a boat much like Annalise’s)

Connor and Oliver pick up about where we left off in talking about his dads. Short version: this show has very few healthy parent/child relationships. But Oliver is still poised to intervene. While Bonnie makes some moves of her own, seemingly in defense of Annalise’s boss-for-day Victoria, Michaela and Laurel discuss their still very preliminary decision to check into Laurel’s father. Before long, Michaela has to leave help her new layer boss, Tegan- and finds herself face-to-face with Annalise and Sonya.

Things start out awkward and only continue to get more uncomfortable when Sonya’s ex-husband confronts her with tapes from when she was drunk. Still, Annalise manages to rally the troops. Connor’s dads turn out to be very open about their past, including the bit where his mom had a nervous breakdown when her husband came out after decade of marriage. At ADA Denver’s office, Bonnie faces tension with both Laurel and her boss, who wants Laurel fired but can’t make that happen when she’s pregnant.

Things go from uncomfortable to decidedly unpleasant between Annalise and Michaela. Still, Michaela gives her former professor a name to follow up on in helping Sonya- but Annalise is attention is divided with another meeting with her shrink. She’s in a good mood now, she says. Unfortunately, Isaac kills that by reading out a transcript from her own legal troubles. He thinks she’s taking on the case out of guilt over Wes’s death. And immediately after being thrown off-course, she’s told she accidently emailed the wrong person about Sonya, putting her job at risk.

Sonya lashes out, unknowingly hitting a deeply personal note. Eventually, she calms down enough to chat with Annalise about alcoholism. Annalise promises she’s going to fix what she started. At home, she runs into Frank, but screams at him to leave when he tries to offer her money. Later, Frank picks up Laurel (who has just fled an interesting party with the other kids and Connor’s dads) and winds up having sex with her in the back of his car. Bonnie’s not going to be happy about her intern’s reason for leaving work early.

After a month of therapy, Isaac recommends Annalise be allowed to continue practicing law. Abruptly, everything turns around. Laurel and Tegan’s interns find a loophole involving Sonya’s ex’s financial activities that forces him to agree to give Sonya joint custody of her children. Annalise makes peace with her old friend, though not so much with her old student. And things go completely downhill for Connor and his bio dad with the latter suggests Oliver isn’t right for his son. Ouch.

Connor doesn’t tell Oliver- who called by Michaela and Laurel, now determined in their plan and needing his help. While Isaac records some troubling notes about Annalise, she attempts another reconciliation, this one with Nate, though it goes about as well as the one with Laurel. Instead, Nate helps Bonnie, who thinks Annalise is angling for Virginia’s old job. And she may be right. And so she’s in full revenge mode, posing to Isaac as another patient. But in six weeks, she finds herself at a second blood-splattered crime scene. This one is at Michaela’s firm. And Oliver’s there, too. But of course, we still have no clue who’s dead.

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