Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

Things are changing for Team Arrow…starting with a BIG change in leadership! The well-balanced hour held a few steps forward for some of the team while offering an exciting twist by the end that leaves questions about what’s next and how long the change will last for a few members of the team.

In the midst of Oliver dealing with the leaked photo, he also finds himself greeting a familiar Russian face. Anatoly pays his (former) favorite American a visit, but it doesn’t seem like he’s there for his own benefit. But the photo fallout is never far from his mind, especially with Special Agent Watson making her debut, determined to take down the Green Arrow. His focus becomes razor sharp when he hears about Watson wanting to talk to William.

While all of this is happening, Digg’s issues come to light in the field again, and we finally get the heartbreaking truth about what’s going on. Back in the Bunker, Felicity’s thinking about her next steps in her career while chasing down digital leads. That leads to a proposal many have been waiting for (no, not that one. The other one).

Oliver, William, and a Big Decision

Oliver had to deal with issues on all fronts tonight: as the mayor, the Green Arrow, and a father. William gets bullied by some kids in school and that moment leads to a frank conversation between father and son about what’s bothering William. The crux of his anger was his fear of losing Oliver when he’s out there as the vigilante.

Seeing Oliver navigate fatherhood has added a rich depth to his story while doling out emotional, and at times heartbreaking, performances. William’s fear feels grounded and seeing Oliver struggle with it, turn to Rene for advice, and ultimately trying to be there for his son by making a promise to always come back to him was beautiful.

When he mentioned that promise to William and then gave a vague answer about how he was going to do it, I hadn’t expected him to make the big decision of taking off the hood once again. It will be interesting to see where that goes in terms of Oliver and William as well as how Diggle takes to the new(ish) role.

The Truth About Digg

After seeing hints of something not being right with Diggle in the premiere, we get an answer this week. Dinah’s determined to find out what’s wrong with him and after having another moment in the field, he finally tells her.

After running from the explosion on Lian Yu, he ended up getting hit with shrapnel causing degenerative nerve damage. It was an upsetting moment to hear the diagnosis and seeing how he’s not coping with it. His promise to Dinah to tell Oliver about his condition quickly goes bust when Oliver proposes that he take on the Green Arrow mantle from him. And of course, he agrees.

But with the nerve damage limiting his abilities, will potential insecurities pose a risk to the team and will he tell anyone else about it?

A (Long Awaited) Business Relationship Forms!

It happened! It’s finally happened! Fans have been waiting for quite some time for the beginning of Felicity’s new company. We got hints of it in the 100th episode, with Smoak Industries, and even got a hint on Legends of Tomorrow’s “Star City 2046.”

But tonight was finally the night that the foundation has been laid to build the story of Felicity beginning her company. After Curtis asking about everyone’s jobs (a question many fans have had), Felicity spends most of the hour randomly asking about coding language and the freelance work he did. These little questions and comments culminate in Felicity asking Curtis to quit his contract jobs and join her. With the papers already filed, Curtis excitedly accepts.

With a Woz and Job joke to seal the deal, the question now becomes what is the name of this new company and what kind of tech will they be developing?

A Few Stray Observations

I know we’re only two episodes in and there were a few flashbacks in the premiere, but I feel like this flashback-less episode really benefitted from having the story fleshed out and uninterrupted by flashbacks that may or may not connect to anything going on in the present day.

Rene and Lance sitting awkwardly in Watson’s office was a funny little comedic moment, especially as Rene began doing some nervous babbling of his own. Felicity would be proud.

Sydelle Noel’s introduction was fierce, and even though she’s got her sights set on pinning Oliver to his secret identity, her dynamic with part of the team she’s met already has been fun. She’s not there to mess around, and she will do what she has to get answers. Now I wonder who else is on that list to be subpoenaed, brought in, and interrogated.

We got a new Arrow title card that featured the symbols for everyone on the team from OTA to Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and the Black Canary. It was a fun nod to the progress we’ve seen.

Will Digg end up telling anybody else about his nerve damage? What names do you think Felicity and Curtis will be cycling through? Now that’s he’s no longer the Green Arrow, what do you think Oliver will be working on?

Next week: “Next of Kin”