Far From the Tree

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

This week’s episode can be summed up as a tale of two fathers. While both “far from the tree” about their children, at least one comes around eventually.

Let’s first deal with J’onn and Supergirl. After last week’s ending, the pair head to Mars to help M’gann in a classic car that J’onn has lying around, but it’s actually an awesome space ship in disguise!

When the pair arrive, M’gann introduces them to her White Martian uprising buddies, including Till’all and N’keyy. M’gann tells them how they stormed a prison camp for Green Martians and guess what? J’onn isn’t the last Green Martian. There’s one more left and it’s J’onn’s dad! He’s been kept alive because he’s a high religious leader (and serving a punishment worst than death by thinking he’s the last of his kind alive) and because he knows the location of a magical staff that could have severe ramifications for the resistance White Martian fighters.

J’onn’s asked to convince his father M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) to help them to save Mars by telling them the location of the staff. Easier said than done. In their first meeting, M’yrnn thinks the White Martians are just tricking him with the visage of his son to get the location of the staff. M’yrnn adds that his son would have never fled their planet despite J’onn’s pleas with his father that he is really his son.

J’onn doesn’t understand how her father couldn’t read him and Till’all wants to break into M’yrnn’s shield to get to the truth. J’onn says he can convince his father it’s really him and after a pep talk from Supergirl he’s ready to show he’s not a coward. Unfortunately, the second meeting is no better than the first and while this is happening, impatient Till’all starts an upheaval to get to M’yrnn. So Supergirl comes in and knocks out some and rushes to J’onn and his father on where to go and J’onn takes them “home.” Seemed like a great idea, but M’yrnn again is more upset since this is the home his whole family was killed and says that he is now broken.

This doesn’t break J’onn though. After a short talk with Supergirl, M’yrnn allows J’onn to open up his mind. So J’onn gives his father his favorite memory of his home. There we see J’onn two young daughters, M’yrnn’s granddaughters and now he sees that this is his son. The father and son finally embrace and M’yrnn apologizes for now believing him and tries to ask how he survived and why he came back, but not time as M’gann and her resistance group are there.

The group go to find the staff together. There Supergirl distracts the White Martians with the classic car blasting Britney Spears. The group is eventually able to fight them away, with some help from the space ship and Supergirl getting ahold of the staff to blast the rest of the martians away. With that, Supergirl presents the staff to the resistance fighters, but Till’all asks them to take it back to Earth to bury and hide due to its power.

In the end, J’onn, Supergirl, M’yrnn, and the staff return to Earth.

Back on Earth, it’s time for Maggie and Alex’s bridal shower! Eliza is here to lead the way since Kara is on Mars. Maggie, Alex, and Eliza have a pre-shower dinner where Maggie reveals a little more about her family history, including how she hasn’t spoken to her parents since she was 14 and that after she told a girl at school she liked her, her father found out and dropped her off at her aunt’s and that was it.

Alex asks Maggie about contacting her dad and even inviting him to the shower. Maggie rather have Alex drop it, but later that evening calls her dad and tells him how she’s getting married and invites him to the shower. Maggie’s dad (Carlos Bernard) ends up coming to National City and they share a nice moment after he gets off the bus about how she listened to everything he daughter her about detective work and he reveals how he’s been following all her cases.

Things go south at the actual bridal shower though. After a nice moment where he puts up a photo of young Maggie amongst all the Alex photos, Maggie and Alex ready to open gifts and Maggie gives Alex an innocent kiss that drives dad out the door in disgust. Maggie follows her dad, which ends in an emotional confrontation with him talking about fighting to be accepted due to his Mexican ethnicity and how Maggie has ruined it for all he fought for. He ends it with “You can live any way you please, but don’t ask me to witness it.” Later Maggie confronts her father one last time before he leaves, while also returning the photo. She tearfully tells him some truths, including that she doesn’t need anything from him and that she’s “already good.”

That’s not it for Maggie though. She and Alex have a heart to heart that again ends with Maggie reiterating that she doesn’t want kids. Alex is still not happy about it.

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