This is Us

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

This is Us tells a story about families and siblings and this week takes a focus on the brothers, but the sister has a nice storyline, too.

In past, the Big Three are ten and Jack is taking the boys on a camping trip to bond while the girls will stay home for movies and manicures.

While camping, Rebecca gets a call that Jack’s dad Stanley is close to passing. So Rebecca calls the lodge and leaves a message for Jack. Then we go back to when Jack was a kid with his dad going fishing, but they make a pit stop so dad can get “a drink,” that turns into a longer stay that young Jack seems to be used to.

Back to camping, Randall and Kevin fight over setting up a tent, which includes Kevin letting the tent fall on Randall. Jack gives Kevin a speech saying they are brothers and should depend on each other. There’s more fighting between brothers and Jack again talks to Kevin saying that it’s so easy to be nice and it takes more energy to be mean. So Kevin goes to sit alone in the tent while Jack and Randall cook over the campfire. Jack tells Randall that Kevin loves him and that he needs to be patient for him to come to him.

Meanwhile, Rebecca ends up going to the nursing home with Kate to meet her father in law for the first time. She introduces herself and asks Stanley if there’s anything she can do. Mother and daughter wait awhile, but no word from Jack.

Eventually, a Park Ranger finds Jack and patches him through to Rebecca via radio. Rebecca tells Jack that his dad is dying and asks if he wants to come Jack. He think for a second, but decides to stay. Rebecca asks if there’s anything he wants to say, but Jack says no and that he’s “been dead to me for a long time.” Rebecca responds that Jack is a miracle dad considering his upbringing.

While in the tent, Kevin finds Randall’s notebook of notes on how to be around him. Next thing you know, Kevin is outside roasting marshmallows with Randall. Yay for brotherly bonding!

Rebecca returns to Stanley’s room to say Jack isn’t coming but before she leaves, she tells him that Jack’s a great father, provider, and husband. “You didn’t screw him up, you made him better.”

We get one last Jack flashback, but this time a boy wakes up from a nap in the backseat of the car. It’s Jack’s younger brother Nicky! Did we know he had a brother? After Jack returns from camping, he looks at old photos from his time in Vietnam and the camera focuses on Nicky who served with Jack. I’m guessing that he may not have made it out of Vietnam alive.

In the present, Kevin’s knee is still giving him problems and he’s down to his last painkiller so he starts rummaging around Randall’s for pills. Kevin’s back in NYC because Sophie’s work is having a dinner gala where he’s going to be “auctioned” off.

Deja seems to have a crush on Kevin and asks to go to the gala. Randall jumps at it and wants to take her, while Beth doesn’t think she’s ready. plus it’s too late of an outing. Randall is able to convince Beth it’s an opportunity to bond so they go. He even gets Deja a nice dress. On the drive over, it’s a lot of awkward silence and Randall trying too hard to make small talk.

While getting ready for the gala, Kevin calls his doctor for another refill for his Vicodin and you know it’s not a good sign.

Randall and Deja arrive at the gala and it’s still awkward, but Deja lights up when she sees Kevin who’s still hitting up his doctor for refills. During dinner, Deja enjoys some shrimp when Randall grabs her hand when she tries to eat the part you’re not supposed to. Deja freaks out and runs out while Sophie is on stage about to introduce Kevin, who is still on the phone talking to his doctor, drinking, and yelling at him for not giving him another refill. Needless to say, Kevin doesn’t make his introduction.

Randall is standing outside the bathroom waiting for Deja to come out. He tells Kevin that he loves him and Kevin is so good with people while Randall comes on too hard. Kevin says it’s because Randall cares and feels too much while he tries not to feel anything. That’s when Randall asks if Kevin’s OK. Randall goes in to talk to Deja where she reveals that he can’t grab her because in her last home, she was always in trouble and she would get beat by beauty magazines. That’s why she doesn’t like being grabbed. It was a nice moment to see Deja finally opening up to Randall.

Kevin returns to their table and Sophie tells him how an older woman “bought him” for $14,000. Sophie asks where he was and how he embarrassed her in front of her coworkers and friends. Sophie’s pissed and Kevin tries to apologize. Sophie says he’s been weird since he’s been back in NYC, but Kevin explains it away as being exhausted and leaves and ends up wandering about NYC calling old doctors for a prescription. Uh oh.

Back in LA, Kate goes Toby’s work to tell him she’s pregnant. Toby is ecstatic, but Kate is still really cautious about it due to it being a “geriatric pregnancy” and her weight. She just wants Toby to keep hopes and dreams of being a dad to himself and not tell her anything until baby is born. Toby is shocked, but says OK.

Later Kate attends her support group meeting where she and Toby met and ends up yelling at Madison, the skinny girl in the group who’s talking about how she’s turned to vaping. They later have a confrontation in the parking lot and when Kate backs out to leave, she ends up hitting Madison’s car, but only a bit, but it freaks out Kate who starts crying. Madison goes to yell at her until she sees a teary Kate who tells her she’s pregnant. Madison turns instantly cheery and is so happy for Kate. Kate tells her not to tell anyone, but it ends up being a nice moment between the two.

Kate returns home to tell Toby she banged up the car in a fender bender with Madison. Toby asks if she killed her. Haha! Kate says it felt so good to tell somebody she was pregnant and then she leads Toby out to a local cafe and Kate tells Toby he can tell whoever he wants that she’s pregnant. It ends with Toby asking the barista to play his happy song – Hootie and the Blowfish’s “I Only Wanna Be With You” and runs around the place telling everyone Kate’s pregnant and even pours a water pitcher on his face. Gotta love Toby!

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