Criminal Minds
Lucky Strikes

Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Given what happens on most Criminal Minds episodes, many opening scenes would probably be appropriate for Halloween. Still, this one screams horror movie, and leaves us with a handless dead girl in a bathroom. Soon after, it also leaves us with some memories. Remember that cannibal who fed his victims to people? Yeah. That investigation also happened at the same time Garcia was shot ten years ago, reawakening painful memories for her.

Floyd Feylinn Ferell has been held in psychiatric treatment all this time- though that doesn’t rule out a copycat. And this would be one good copycat, given how the copied his move of (ick) forcing his victims to eat fingers. So is it a coincidence that Ferell has been on supervised release recently? A lawyer trying to get Ferell’s charges sure thinks so. But the creepy shrine in the basement of his sister’s house begs to differ.

Ferell does his best to intimidate Reid, Alves, and Simmons, though his sister totally supports the theory he was set up. Then that shrine is discovered, Ferell is yelled at in church, and one of his former victims shows up to give testimony. All of this should poke gaping holes in said theory, but Ferell stands by it as well. He maintains he had a “friend”/accomplice who forced him to interact with the victims- and that he never killed any of them.

During all of this, Garcia is still struggling with keeping her head in the game, at one point lashing out when the work level seems to be too much. It’s also no coincidence that Ferrell mentioned Morgan earlier, or that we saw a slip of our favorite ex-agent in interrogation. Because Morgan is back! And there’s another victim with a pentagram carved into her chest. Try not to let that take away from the excitement too much.

Of course, Morgan is here to offer a supporting shoulder to his Baby Girl, and an adorable video of Hank helps her- and us- a lot. But there’s still a cannibal to track down, and the second killer tangent is quickly becoming real. But Ferell is probably not an innocent fall guy. It’s more likely he trained a second budding cannibal, who may have been the brother of the new victim’s girlfriend. A rejuvenated Garcia is all too happy to investigate Marcus- who is already targeting his next victim.

The team finds him with a knife to a woman’s next, confessing to killing all Ferell’s victims. It isn’t true, but, after he slashes his own neck instead, it might be enough to get the cannibal’s charges dropped. And there isn’t much that the team can do, at least until Garcia notices a discrepancy with those fingers. As in: there are five more in Ferell’s stomach. Well, at least justice has been served. Who wants a drink? Garcia is already having a party, after all!

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