After last week’s final scene twist, Diggle is ready to take on his new role as the Green Arrow in “Next of Kin.”

With Digg taking the reins of the team, some of the team is getting used to the idea of a new leader. While it seems that Rene and Curtis are still adjusting, it looks that Felicity is already acclimating and proud of her friend taking on the mantle. It will be interesting to see what Dinah thinks considering she knows about Digg’s degenerative nerve damage. 

There were some hints of a few cool action scenes and comedic moments with the team.

Elsewhere, we know from the photo peeks that Oliver will be taking on more as mayor as well as potentially moving forward in his personal life (if that Olicity loft still is any indication). 

Check out the trailer below.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.