How to Get Away with Murder
I Love Her

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

We all remember Bonnie going off to Annalise’s therapist. Tonight, she gets right to admitting why she’s really seeing him. We knew it was to target Annalise. What we didn’t know was that in 2002, Annalise was involved in a case where Bonnie was a witness, talking about the sexual assault of her childhood. Meanwhile, Michaela is dragging Oliver off to help with her “IT emergency”, and Annalise is ramping up her case against Virginia by tracking down clients who wound up in jail when she lost their cases.

Bonnie talks more to Isaac about similarities between her and Annalise- like the fact Bonnie, too, had a child (a product of rape) taken from her. And given that the guy Annalise was representing years ago was one of her rapists, we understand her residual anger a little more. She tries to get Nate on board, but he seems to be working both Annalise and Bonnie. At her law firm, Michaela gets some pricy shoes as a present for good work, but remains loyal to Laurel, and tries to get Oliver to do the same.

While Bonnie attempts to justify her feelings to both Isaac and herself, 2002-era Annalise examines her on the stand, trying to make her doubt her own claims. Present day Annalise attempts to get Claudia- the ex-fellow prisoner who beat her up- to join her case. It doesn’t go so well, much like Frank’s attempts to study for the LSAT (thanks in large part to Laurel). Michaela and a very reluctant Oliver make their way into Tegan’s account. They nearly get caught twice, but they leave with just a bit more information.

In the past, Annalise and Sam (it’s been a while, eh?) talk. After winning the case for her client, she quit the firm, but was left wrecked with guilt over Bonnie. In the present, a drunken and near-suicidal Connor shows up at her door. He nearly cheated on Oliver in this state (they’d had a bet over a neighbor’s sexuality and things escalated quickly), and is suffering all his memories. Speaking of memories, Laurel realizing recalling Frank could be her baby daddy basically seals the end to their current sex situation.

Isaac gets Bonnie to admit she loves “Mae”/Annalise. She recalls Annalise apologizing to her and offering to help her become a lawyer. But her statements don’t align with her behavior. Just as Annalise amasses a 40-person client base, Bonnie destroys it, pulling nearly everyone to the DA’s side. The two confront each other on the street. Bonnie expresses all her feelings of betrayal, but Annalise says her presumptions were wrong- and tears into for hurting others in her current attack.

Now, Bonnie sprints through the rain. She, like, Connor, haunted by all her memories (including one of kissing Annalise). She confesses all these feelings to Isaac. And Annalise now tries to recruit Connor to her new case. And Michaela lies to Asher about what she’s doing, not knowing he’s watching from the window below. And suddenly, Isaac realizes who “Mae” is, and who Bonnie is. And he is not happy. And in the future, someone is being held as a suspect in those bloody scenes. And that someone is Asher. And your guess is as good as mine.

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