Next of Kin

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

There’s a new Green Arrow in town, and his name is John Diggle in another solid, well-balanced hour.

It was Diggle’s first full mission under the green hood this week. But with his first time really taking the decision-making lead, came insecurity and questions about whether he could actually handle the pressure of being the Green Arrow. Those issues came from both the team and John himself. It takes a pep talk and a questionable strategy for the team to work through the adjustment period.

While Digg was working through the adjustment period with the team, Oliver took on civilian life as a dad and mayor. City Hall seemed to be relatively quiet with the exception of some potential story-making legislation which made William and the family dynamic the focus. When William asks for math help, Oliver knows precisely who to reach out for. That conversation leads to forward movement for our favorite Star City couple.

There’s a New Green Arrow in Star City

Diggle’s first introduction in the episode was fun. We got to see something different in terms of stunts, and visual effects as Dinah’s canary cry helped launch him from one building to another. But with the knowledge she has about his tremors, she spends most of the hour waiting for him to come clean about his condition.

Seeing Diggle struggle for most of the hour and brood like his predecessor was tough to watch after seeing him be so supportive and tough for Oliver. Of course, with this new role, seeing Oliver take on John’s support role and offering that beautiful and heartwarming pep talk was a nice change of dynamic.

Dinah’s fixation on Digg’s tremors brought up one question: how did those tremors that were attributed to degenerative damage just disappear? That was answered in the final moments of the episode as we see Digg shooting up some mysterious substance that stops the tremors. With the pressure to perform and be the leader the team and the city need him to be, it was sad to see him go this far. But with the drugs comes a new question: how long before everyone finds out and what will the damage be?

Dad!Oliver, Felicity, and William (and a Reunion!)

With Oliver leaving the green leather behind, it gave him time to be around more for William. While he’s skeptical about his father’s decision, there is another topic that the pair broach this week: school. William freaking out about a math test leads Oliver to Felicity to ask a favor and tutor him.

That moment and the dynamic between the three felt like a step forward. The domesticity of having Felicity help William with quadratic equations while Oliver watched on in the background, seeing how well his son and the love of his life were getting on was so very sweet. This scene added an assurance of sorts on the dynamic we would be seeing develop.

That scene also helped level out the final Olicity scene (and official reunion) in Felicity’s loft when he gives her the keys to his apartment. Without any forward movement or directly addressing their dynamic with William in the mix, it would have felt like something that went too fast. But seeing her with William and the way he was so sure when he told her “his life will be better with you in it. Just like mine” made it all make sense. It was delightful to watch and made me hopeful about where it goes from here (hopefully more Felicity/William bonding time).

Non-Vigilante Life for the Mayor

The highlight of the Star City story tonight (besides Oliver and Agent Watson’s back and forth) was the way Oliver’s invocation of a special provision in the charter set up nicely for a potential unmasking or confrontation with vigilantes.

A Few Stray Observations

The new introduction to the episode was excellent and managed to highlight Oliver’s belief in choosing to hand down the hood to his best friend and brother, Digg. “His name is John Diggle, and he is the Green Arrow.”

Watson continues to be a fun addition to the season with her quippy lines and persistence on the case. She’s definitely done her homework from the looks of that board at the end of the episode.

Seeing Digg as the Green Arrow sitting up front with the driver and his partner was hilarious. The music and awkward silence added even more to the comedic moment of the episode.

That’s it for this week! So how long before the drugs come with an adverse effect? How about that (official) Olicity reunion? And how adorable was that little family moment in the loft?

Next week on Arrow: “Reversal.”