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Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

So this week’s Supergirl has a tie in with the pilot and revolves around Chad Lowe and Krypton. How are these two things related?

Well first things first, two years ago, Chad Lowe aka Thomas Coville was on the same plane as Alex when Kara became Supergirl to save it. He even saw Kara’s face before she flew off.

In the present, at Ruby’s soccer game, Samantha is approached by a random woman saying that she and Ruby are special and to come join heir community and gives her a brochure. Kara notices the brochure with a Krypton symbol on the cover later when she’s at L-Corp inviting Samantha over for a girl’s night in.

Kara ends up going to the meeting while James and Winn tag along to “protect her.” This meeting is led by Coville who addresses the group as children of Rao and who are all there because Supergirl saved us. So basically it’s a cult devoted to the Girl of Steel. During the meeting a girl tells her story of when she fell off a building and Supergirl saved her. James asks Kara if she remembers her and Kara says she remembers them all.

At the girls night in, Lena, Alex, Maggie, and Kara gab about how they will all be cool aunts to Ruby, while Alex reveals that she and Maggie won’t be parents. In the middle of it all, Kara hears fire engines going and leaves to deal with a huge fire and a guy about to be engulfed in the building. Supergirl saves him at the last minute and then bows down to her and then the sharing girl appears saying that he’s now one of them. It seems Coville has been convincing people to create situations where they are in harms’ way to be saved by Supergirl. Since Coville hasn’t broken the law, Maggie can’t arrest him.

Kara sees the best way to fix it is to confront Coville to ask about what he’s doing and he totally calls her out as being Supergirl. He promises to keep her secret and says he can help her. She tells him to stop having these meetings, stop telling people to put themselves in harms way and to trust her, glasses off and everything. He says he trusts her and then goes to a Krypton probe to worship to it.

Kara later tells James that Coville knows who she is and that she was missing her religion from Rao. Things get worse when they find out that Coville has rigged a Kryptonian probe to explode beneath a stadium full of 15,000 fans. His followers are down below with him waiting for Supergirl to come save them. When Supergirl arrives, she’s taken back by the probe as it contains Kryptonite and she can’t get to it to stop it. Coville’s followers don’t believe that she can’t stop it, but they change their mind when Supergirl cuts her hand to prove that she is no God. The followers run off, while Alex is above talking with security urging Kara to stop it as they can’t evacuate the stadium fast enough. Corville stays to try and turn the probe off, but it doesn’t work.

Alex gets there to look at the device to find the Kryptonite and ends up throwing it away, but not that far away. Even with it out to sight, Supergirl is still drained. Winn is yelling for both sisters to leave, but Supergirl has another plan. She laser beams a huge hole in the ground and then tells Alex to throw the probe in there and then passes out. Alex and Coville push the device into the hole just as it explodes, saving everyone.

In jail, Coville says he will keep her secret and says that “Even Gods can lose their way” and that he will help her on her journey “back to balance, back to peace.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Samantha is dealing with a lot at L-Corp and her first merger while all daughter Ruby wants is to practice her song with her. Samantha thinks she’s a bad mom, but Lena assures her that she had a bad mom. At the school talent show, there are girls dancing as Supergirl which is adorable, and Alex, Lena, and Kara show up to hear Ruby sing (cool aunts unite!). While she’s singing, Alex gets emotional and leaves when it ends. Kara follows and Alex tells her that she’s always wanted to be a mom and that she may not get the chance too because Maggie doesn’t want to be a mom.

The episode ends with Kara praying to Rao with her mom, J’onn and dad praying, and Coville in his cell praying with Alex crying herself to sleep as Hallelujah plays.

At home, Samantha starts to see her face covered in shape tattoos and a figure saying one day she will reign. Seems our big bad of season three has been activated when the Kryptonian probe got sent underground earlier and exploded near her ship.

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