How to Get Away with Murder
Stay Strong, Mama

Original Air Date: Nov 2, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Deception is becoming the name of the game as HTGAWM speeds towards its winter finale. We spent last week hearing everything Bonnie has to say about Annalise. Now, Isaac spends time listening to what Annalise has to say about Bonnie and holding his tongue (against the advice of his own mentor) about what he already knows. Through that mentor, we realize why he feels so connected to Annalise- he relates to her pain of losing a child.

When Annalise leaves, Connor is waiting for her with news about Claudia, one of the few clients she has left. DA Denver is threatening to take her house, and if what we see of him and Bonnie is any sign, they won’t stop anytime soon. Asher goes to Frank for advice about Michaela’s lies. Frank is helpful, though also feeling anxious about his LSA. But his nerves are nowhere near those Oliver is feeling about, well, everything. And when Michaela’s firm calls an emergency meeting with Laurel’s father, I’d say he has reason.

Laurel finds out about this development in the middle of a sonogram appointment shortly before her father calls her himself. Her baby bump is going to be pretty hard to explain when he thinks she had an abortion. Meanwhile, Isaac reassures Bonnie he won’t spill the beans and Annalise, against pressure, refuses to back down from her cause. Asher confronts Mihaela, but she defuses that situation in seconds. Annalise calls out Denver far more effectively, telling him (and his staff) about the family who could become homeless through his actions.

On Team Bonnie, our captain takes Nate to task for playing on the other team, too. And Asher takes Michaela’s lie (that she’s Laurel’s Lamaze coach) to heart- offering the mom-to-be a supportive shoulder and a cute teddy bear just as Michaela and Oliver face the possibility their investigation into Tegan may have been discovered. Michaela covers by bonding with her boss while Annalise and Connor bond over ice cream. No matter what he says about her, he can’t let go of how awesome she is. Can you blame him?

Not all the conversations are deceptively lighthearted fun, however. Laurel, after finding an outfit that can cover her belly, goes to dinner with her father, and learns that he wants to celebrate the fact his company, Antares, is going public. That was the cause of the firm’s meeting, too. Oliver and Michaela take this news to be a relief, saying they’ve just been paranoid the whole time. But Laurel has connected all the dots, and says this is the reason Wes was killed. It’s complicated, but she’s convincing.

On Isaac’s urging, Annalise attempts to write to Sam. But she can’t, and tells her therapist as much, citing her lost baby as the reason. It’s a gut-wrenching conversation, and more reason for Isaac to drop Annalise (he doesn’t). She heads home and finds Connor, whereupon he two of them decide to make their case (very) public. At that same moment, Bonnie is having doubts about her current actions. But before she can try to bring the case to an end, Denver kicks her off it.

Claudia’s son makes a statement to s slew of TV cameras, calling Denver out in front of the world. Her enemies are stunned, and her pre-selected judge is dubious, but she is defiant. Things are looking up one more. And they seem to be doing the same in the quest to find justice for Wes. Oliver has found an in! The first problem? That in is Tegan, and Michaela doesn’t want to betray her. The second problem? Asher isn’t as oblivious as we think. He put in a camera in that teddy bear, from which he watches his friends.

He presents his proof to Michaela that night, forcing her to tell him about Wes’s true killer. The conversation continues as Frank tells Laurel he will care for her baby and Connor and Oliver celebrate his and Annalise’s progress with sex. But Asher and Michaela may be done as he stalks out. Isaac grieves his own lost daughter- and then his mentor shows up to talk to Annalise. His mentor, who is also his ex-wife. And in two weeks, Annalise sits alone in a shower- washing away a lot of blood. This, friends, is why therapists have ethical guidelines.

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