Deathstroke Returns

Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

Slade’s asking for a favor and the Vigilante makes their return in this week’s Arrow that had Oliver heading to Kasnia and the team dealing with a returning domestic target. The first part of a two-hour dive into the story did a good job setting up for the reveals.

With Oliver’s night previously interrupted, Slade reaches out to his former enemy to help him track down his son. Slade’s only lead is that his son, Joe, has been taken to this foreign country and he needs Oliver’s presence to make his “diplomatic approach” to getting his son work. Of course, things are not quite as it seems when they arrive quickly finding themselves in a bit of trouble.

Meanwhile back in Star City, Team Arrow has to deal with Vigilante’s return as well as Agent Watson’s continuing investigation into Oliver and the Green Arrow. It doesn’t take long before the Vigilante’s identity is revealed in the hour, leaving one member of the team particularly shaken and doing something that they advised another teammate against just a few weeks ago.

Agent Watson’s persistent investigation leads to the first few conversations with Diggle and Felicity, the first of no doubt many interactions they will be having with the FBI agent.

Agent Watson’s Hot on Team Arrow’s Trail

Watson’s appearances have been amusing so far and her first interactions with Diggle and Felicity this week were no exception. It’s easy to see that she’s definitely on the trail in terms of the team’s involvement. The question is, how much does she really know?

Her attempt at getting information out of Felicity was funny, and that stark contrast played very well. With Felicity getting joke-y on the agent and Watson not buying any of it, it added a bit of comedy to the hour.

Vigilante Revealed & Dinah’s Got a Secret

The Vigilante reveal happened relatively quickly and somewhat anti-climactically. For a story that had some significant build up over the last season, the reveal didn’t quite meet the expectations. Not to mention the fact that Vincent Sobel was not on my list of potential suspects.

The fact that it was Dinah’s former partner and boyfriend will definitely add a substantial amount of independent story possibilities for Dinah, especially with her lying to the team about her letting him get away. It’s a complication that will be interesting to see play out. Might that be a contributing factor to this rift that is being teased?

Slade and Oliver’s Kasnian Adventure

We got a lot of Slade this hour, which makes sense considering the title of the episode. The hour wove in a look at Slade and Joe’s rocky relationship throughout the hour which was fine.

It’s interesting that this was how it was decided Slade would return given how many people may have misgivings about Slade’s choices when it comes to Oliver and those he loves (we know the history: Moira, Thea, everyone he abandoned on Lian Yu last season). While it ultimately leads to a reveal that Joe is just as evil as his father was on Mirakuru, it was tough figuring what potential redeemable aspect in Slade this could bring about.

Then again, Oliver’s commitment to helping Slade feels like it stems from this view that he still sees him as his old friend and maybe can relate to the questions of fatherhood and how fit he is for the role.

A Few Stray Observations

I spent a good portion of the hour waiting for someone to bring up the fact that Oliver’s willingness to help the man that not only killed his mother but abandoned the people he loved ones on Lian Yu should also come with some wariness. Of course, it’s Diggle and Felicity that have that discussion, trying to look out for Oliver, and talking about their Slade-related concerns.

There were a few small domestic moments that were sweet and showed how much progress has been made over the span of a few episodes. With Felicity having the keys to Oliver’s loft, there was a nice little moment that she walked in and was able to show how comfortable William has gotten with Felicity being around, showing some fantastic progress on that front.

Then there was also the phone call between William and Oliver towards the end of the hour. It was heartwarming to see William reach out and ask about Oliver coming home and complaining to his father about the amount of granola Raisa’s given him in Oliver’s absence.

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