How to Get Away with Murder
Nobody Roots for Goliath

Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

On the edge of the madness of the winter finale, we start with a moment of peace. Connor and Oliver cuddle under the sheets and talk about Annalise suing the governor. But first, she’s cutting off her sessions with Isaac- at his wife’s urging, though she never tells him that. While Asher holds a steady grudge against Michaela for her lies, the case moves forward, aided by 79(!) clients, but hindered by a photo of Annalise holding a bottle of booze- one she never drank, in a photo that was likely a set-up.

Frank and Bonnie mull over who took that photo (it wasn’t either of them), and Asher demands Frank be brought into the secret circle. Frank, for his part, doesn’t see things going as smoothly as Laurel envisions, but she’s not backing down. Needless to say, there are tense moments all over, including at the ADA’s office, but after some moments worrying about more spies at her home, Annalise and Connor as able to make another move forward.

Michaela gives Oliver an update on, well, everything- and he gives her one, too. It turns out Simon is originally from Pakistan, and now at risk of deportation. However, Michaela also has to worry about planning a 300-person party for Antares. In court, Annalise has targeted the person who took the photo, leading to consequences for all. Bonnie responds by giving a tip to the enemy. And Laurel pushes Frank onboard her ship, but nobody can do anything about Asher just yet.

Annalise signs herself away from Isaac- though, sensibly, not to Jacqueline- and she’s not happy about any of it. Later, someone seemingly breaks into her home, scaring her to the point she calls Nate over for reassurance. Michaela and Asher have a fight that quickly turns out to be a lot more about them than any current plan. And Isaac finds a stranger dropping a legal document at his door. Whatever it is, it prompts him to call Annalise- a call, given the current circumstances, she ignores.

The next day, she runs into him, and he reveals he’s been subpoenaed, forced to answer to her state of mind. It’s Bonnie’s doing, but it works against her, because Isaac proclaims his confidence in Annalise- something not seen in their sessions. The case against her is dropped. As for everyone else, Asher finally throws in the towel and joins his friends. Oliver suggests they set Simon up in their plot to use Tegan. This will likely lead to that deportation mentioned earlier, and I’m not at all sure how I feel about it.

The last-minute rush begins. To prove her love to Asher, Michaela covers the $20,000 wedding dress she’s been holding on to in ketchup. Connor, after handling a press conference all by himself, greets Oliver at a sweet little blanket fort. Annalise asks Isaac about why he’s sticking up for her, and in the process, reveals that what Jacqueline asked of her. And in what should be a wonderful, beautiful moment, Connor proposes to Oliver. But he responds by revealing his lies. In just one week, someone is flatlining in the hospital. But is it Connor? We just don’t know.

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