Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Sorry I wasn’t around last week, but basically all you need to know is that Alex and Maggie aka Sanvers officially broke up. It was a sad end to their relationship, but we all knew it was coming. Not just because Maggie didn’t want kids and Alex did, but Floriana Lima was scheduled to exit the series. This week is a follow up to what happened and how Kara helps Alex get over Maggie and what we get is lots of bickering and an episode that’s mostly set in the past.

Kara and Alex head home to Midvale so Alex can get away from the world as she deals with her break up with Maggie. Not quite sure Alex is happy to be home or not. Eliza welcomes them both home and tells Kara that she worries more about her than Alex because Kara has a habit of closing herself up when something bad happens aka what’s just happened with Mon-El leaving.

Later that evening, there’s a bunch of mean drunk Alex and Kara bickering. Alex’s mad that Kara wants to help her, even though Kara is allowed to shut herself off from the world because she needs to be Supergirl. So the sisters go to bed angry and when we get the next scene, we are ten year in the past.

Back then, young Kara and Alex (both in high school surprisingly) do not get along and bicker about being sisters, their friends, and who gets to be in the bathroom first in the morning.

All that changes when Kara’s friend and love interest Kenny Lee is found dead one morning after a night of star gazing with Kara.

Kara confronts the football player who rags him at school about what Kenny had on him and why he may have killed Kenny. Seems said football player smoked pot and Kenny wanted to tell on him. We also learn that Kenny’s telescope is missing and Kara promises to find it. Sheriff Collins, who is on the case, tells Kara not to look into it and let the police figure it out as it could be dangerous.

Later that evening, Kara goes to where Kenny was killed to investigate and Alex is there, too. Seems both sisters had a bond with Kenny. Alex was getting private tutoring lessons. Kara tells Alex about the telescope and laptop download photos and they figure Kenny must have captured something he shouldn’t have. Kara uses her x-ray vision to find the laptop buried under leaves and wants to turn it in, but Alex convinces her sister to take it home first for them to investigate. There Kara mentions how Clark has a “friend named Chloe” who could help them get to the encrypted files! Love the Smallville reference. Plus, Kara event mentions the “wall of weird!”

One photo the sisters do find on the laptop is one of Alex’s friend Josie with a teacher – Mr. Bernard, who think he may be Kenny’s killer. So Alex confronts Josie about it, who wants Alex to stay out of it. Once they are done fighting, Alex calls in an anonymous tip, while Josie goes to the teacher saying Alex knows.

When the sisters walk home together for the first time, they are run off the road by a car. Luckily, Kara saves them both via her flying abilities. While all good, Eliza is mad that Kara is using her powers, so gets a DEO agent posing as an FBI agent that happens to look like Kara’s mom to tell her to stop using her powers saying they are a danger to herself and her family. Kara promises to no more powers and we learn that agent is actually J’onn in disguise.

Josie later admits that she was with Bernard all after school and when he got arrested, so it couldn’t have been him. So who was it?

That honor goes to Sheriff Collins. Should have seen that foreshadowing coming when he told Kara to stay away. After Alex decides to not give up despite Kara saying she can’t use her powers, Alex ends up revealing all she knows to Sheriff Collins. At the same time, Chloe sends Kara the encrypted files that shows the Sheriff dealing some illegal drugs.

Kara quickly calls Alex, who ends the call with a gun being pointed at her by the Sheriff. Luckily, the Sheriff calls Kara back and Alex is able to get in a word about her location. Kara screws the rules and goes to save her sister by blowing through some walls. I loved when Alex said she knew her sister would come to save her.

With all that, Alex and Kara now are school outcasts after all they went through. We learn that Kenny likely knew that Kara had special powers, but said nothing. Kara wishes she kissed Kenny that evening. Kara also decides that she rather risk being human than losing her sister. Alex promises to get better at having a sister. Kenny’s mom then gifts her son’s telescope to the sisters (found in the Sheriff’s trunk).

Back in present day, Alex sleeps in and later finds Kara outside with the telescope. They reminisce about how they ended up with the telescope and how it was a turning point in their relationship and lives. Alex admits that it was a good idea to come home, while Kara admits she’s getting better, but sorry she hasn’t shown it.

And then it’s time to go home in the car they borrowed from J’onn. I loved how Alex insists on driving home after commenting on Kara’s drive home.

What do you think? Enjoy the Smallville Easter eggs? your thoughts below!

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