Promises Kept

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

While Oliver and Slade face off against Cane, Team Arrow is dealing with a Dragon in this week’s Arrow.

“Promises Kept” finishes up Slade’s two-part arc with a face off against his son, flashbacks in the aftermath of the Amazo. All the while, Oliver is trying to help his friend/enemy/nemesis and make good on the promise of reuniting Slade with his son.

Meanwhile back in Star City, Digg and Team Arrow have to contend with a new drug dealer in town that goes by the name “The Dragon.”

The Slade Saga Continues/Concludes

Slade’s flashbacks continued in this week’s episode, putting us right after Oliver puts an arrow in his eye on the Amazo. Slade meets up with his son in the aftermath

Slade’s arc would have been interesting had it not been a while since we last saw a substantial part of Slade’s story. There is one aspect of the story that makes it the most timely and engaging now: the fact that Oliver is dealing with fatherhood and the element of keeping promises and being there for his son.

We find out that Slade has two sons, Joe and Grant. If Grant’s name sounds familiar, that is probably because it’s a nod to the Legends of Tomorrow episode “2046” where the team finds themselves in Star City with a very different reality painted for them. Grant Wilson, in that episode, was the one responsible for leaving Oliver with one arm.

Lyla Returns(!) and Diggle’s Confession

Lyla reappeared this episode and gave us some beautiful Diggle-Michaels family moments and a chance to have Digg confide in someone outside of the team. The fact that he told the truth to her first and that we hear his side of the story and justification for why he turned to the drugs was great.

Even when Diggle struggles with the moral and ethical issues, he still has impressive moments of self-awareness. His willingness to come forward with a push from Lyla didn’t happen when it was too late and sets his story apart. With New Team Arrow in the loop about his tremors, it will be interesting to see how Oliver and Felicity react to the secret.

Audrey Anderson’s appearances on the show are too few and far between but when she does show up, she always adds some substantial insight to these group of characters.

That Queen-Smoak Family Moment

We got a small, sweet family moment at the end of the episode. It was nice to see the signs of Oliver and William’s relationship growing, first with that phone call last week and then the hug. He’s gone from fearing and resenting his father to genuinely seeing him as a father, which is heartwarming.

It was sweet to see the familiar warm atmosphere Oliver walked into with Felicity and William just hanging out. Loved the dynamic they are already showing us between two of the most important people in his life.

Stray Observations

It turns out the “big decision” that was hinted at in the episode synopsis was seemingly Oliver solidifying his choice to step down as the Green Arrow for William and himself. But what will it take for him to step back under the hood?

“No more secrets” feel like famous last words, especially with Dinah hiding the fact that she is seemingly in contact with Vincent/Vigilante but that she also let him get away. It’s starting to seem more and more likely that this secret will be what divide the teams come the back half of the season.

When and how will Oliver and Felicity find out about Digg’s involvement with Diaz, his tremors, and the drug use? Anyone else think this won’t be the last time we see Joe?