How to Get Away with Murder
Live. Live. Live.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

The winter finale has arrived, and with it, our answer to “What Happened That Night”. Any remaining questions about who, though, would seem to be answered by Oliver’s reaction when he is called by his friends, and they show him something horrifying. 24 hours previous, Annalise was confronted at home by Bonnie, determined to confess her love but reaching only outraged ears. Isaac also fought with his wife. And the kids and Frank? Well, their interaction sparked Frank trying to choke Connor, but eventually, Connor agreed to hold his silence- for now.

The party begins calmly enough, with everyone keeping their secret tensions under wraps. Their plan to use Tegan, however, is not making much headway. Annalise and Isaac talk again- now he wants to stop being her therapist, too- while Bonnie goes to Nate in desperation. At the same time, Laurel, who has been reflecting on everything she’s set up, receives a very troubling phone call. But perhaps the most surprising news comes through Simon telling Oliver he has feelings for him. Or, at least, it’s the most notable thing until a few minutes later, when Connor calls Annalise and spills the beans.

Nate and Bonnie’s chat goes fairly smoothly, considering, well, everything, but it’s basically the only thing that does. Michaela finally managers to get her hands on Tegan’s access card, and the plan proceeds with everyone helping. That, rather by accident, includes Connor- because it also includes Annalise, who says she wants to help. There’s a twist where Oliver is told he must kiss Simon and plant the key card on him, which somehow leads to trauma just a short while later. But, despite Oliver’s reaction, the person who seems near death is not Connor, but their own would-be patsy.

See, Simon walked in on the others discussing what they were going to do to him. Moments later, he finds Laurel’s gun. In a struggle, it accidentally goes off, hitting Simon in the head. The kids discuss staging a suicide, but before they can, Oliver walks in. They send Laurel and the information home while Oliver desperately tries to pump life back into his friend. Michaela does her part, pulling in Connor and all the party guests. And Annalise berates Frank based off what she does know, not realizing just how much she doesn’t. Oh, and she also doesn’t know just what she’s about to walk into.

She summoned Laurel to her hotel, but when Laurel arrives, she finds blood spilling from between her legs, potentially due to the struggle with Frank. Worse, the elevator is stuck. She pleads for help as she goes into labor. By the time Annalise finds her, she’s unconscious- and her baby is on the ground next to her. Annalise calls 911, desperately trying to save the baby, while the kids tangle with detectives. That ends in Asher getting arrested. And Annalise’s deeply personal quest seems doomed. But as the screen goes dark, we hear a baby’s cry. Welcome to the world, little one. But none of you- you, your mom, or your savior- know Dominic’s been watching this whole time. And of course, we won’t find out why for months.