This is Us
Number Two

Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Following last week’s Kevin-centric episodes, this week is all about Kate.

In present day, Kate is talking to the baby growing inside her while taking her prenatal vitamins. Later, Toby is making smoothies while Kate makes a list of questions for her doctor. All is good until Kate goes to measure the tub when something happens and Kate calls out to Toby. Then we see the pair at the hospital, confirming from last week that Kate lost the baby.

At home, Kate tries to go on with her life by getting ready for a new gig, but flashes back to the moment in the bathroom we previously didn’t see and her breaking the shower curtain. Toby insists she stay home with him, but Kate goes and during her gig, seeing all the kids around, she can’ts stand it for any longer and leaves mid set. Kate heads back home and ignores calls from her mom. Kate ends up a buffet and piles on the food, but doesn’t appear to eat any of it. At the same time, Toby is dealing with his grief by throwing away the broken shower curtain. He also goes to a delivery pace to track down a package meant for Kate. When he gets the package, Toby ends up gifting it to the guy from the Shiply delivery place who helped him. Toby goes to see Kate at her gig, but learns she left early. He begins to panic looking for Kate everyone and even calls Kevin.

By now Kate’s returned home and finally answers a call from mom to tell her she lost the baby, but quickly hangs up after telling her so she doesn’t have to talk about it anymore. Kate then calls Kevin, but it goes to voice mail. Then Toby comes home and Kate rails on him for getting her hopes up while she just wanted to be cautious. Toby says he’s not gonna apologize for being excited and his actions. Kate also takes issue with Toby saying “we” had a miscarriage when it really physically happened to her. Toby then gives a great response about how this happened to both of us and it hurt.

Kate wakes up having slept on the couch. She goes to the bedroom and Toby’s left a note saying he’s gone out for some air. The doorbell rings and Kate goes to answer thinking it’s Tony having forgotten his keys, but it’s mom at the door, just there to give Kate the biggest and warmest embrace and Kate takes it and cries in her arms.

The mother and daughter then talk. Rebecca tells Kate how she never held Kyle and how she held in all her grief from Jack thinking it would help, but of course it didn’t work and that she should tell Toby how she feels. Rebecca then tells a story about going to grocery story when the big three were six weeks old and she ends up arguing with a woman about a bag of yellow onions. It’s clear it’s not just about the onions though. Rebecca says that after that she eventually opened up to Jack, things got better and her heart was able to open to love her children.

Eventually Toby comes home. Rebecca gets up to leave to get coffee for Kate and Toby can talk where their head on shoulder bit was kind of adorable. Kate tells Toby she feels like she failed him, but he says she never could. Kate says she wants to try again, not yet, but soon. Toby agrees. Then the couple go out to the trash to retrieve the shower curtain that is surprisingly still there.
“We will not let this break us,” says Kate. Toby replies “No we won’t” I love this couple.

In the past, we see Kate’s perspective of what happened last week from their teen days. Kate is being pressured by mom about choosing a list of her top five colleges. Rebecca later tells Kate that it’s OK to now know her path yet like her brothers. Kate sees it as mom thinking she’s passionate-less. Oops.

Later Rebecca finds an application to Berklee School of Music and an audition tape by one Kate Emily Pearson. Kate sings an acapella version of “Summertime” and it’s amazing. At the football game, Rebecca gives Kate $50 for the application fee. Kate gets defensive when she learns mom has gone through her stuff. She’s surprised her daughter is back into singing. Mom says she could have helped, but Kate knows. Mom loved the tape. They were all talking about school when they realize that Kevin’s down on the field.

In the hospital, Kate apologizes to mom for not telling her about Berklee. Kate knew that she would have been so crush if she never got in and couldn’t also deal with disappointing mom on top of it. Rebecca says she’d be disappointed for Kate and Kate’s response is “Sometimes it’s hard to feel the difference.”

What did you think? Next week will be all about Randall and it looks to be another emotion filled week.

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