Criminal Minds
Neon Terror

Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Rossi’s on TV! He’s giving an interview about his latest book- for which Garcia throws a viewing party- when the program is interrupted by news that the latest in a string of murder victims has just been found. Immediately, the team takes off, minus Tara and Reid, the latter of whom is giving the first of a series of lectures. But before they even get there, at least one more victim will turn up.

This time both a woman and her date were killed, in plain sight and with a gun that makes a lot of noise. Our guy isn’t trying to be secretive, and the team arrives into a media frenzy. The press picks up on a clue at just about the same time as the BAU- the killer placed hair clips on all his victims. They also want to name him “The Neon Terror”, which experts know will only incite him. He certainly does seem obsessed with the coverage as he picks his latest victim and tracks her to her home in broad daylight.

Taking the press’s “honor” to heart, he leaves a small neon light with her body. The team starts to wonder if he isn’t just invoking coverage, but is actually involved in the media himself. Sure enough, a man named Kal is getting footage of all the crimes before even the police arrive. When questioned, though, he says he received the footage from a mysterious stranger. As convenient as that sounds, it’s true. Unfortunately, our real perp is going to be harder to identify, even as he plans to kill someone on camera.

That footage is soon delivered to Kal, too, but this time, he and his boss alert the authorities right away. After killing a woman, the unsub notices a young child in the back of her car. Thankfully, she is left alive. She reminded him of his own past- when he was in the car as his babysitter was killed in a carjacking. That night, he was carried away in front of cameras, and now, decades later, he seeks out the same media attention. But when the media doesn’t share his homemade snuff film, he flies into a rage and takes a gun to the news studio,

Kal’s boss was the lead reporter for Jeffrey’s case when he was just a child, and now he’s angry that she isn’t giving what he thinks he’s owed. Now, he’s going to kill her on a live feed, which Garcia tries desperately to cut off. She manages it just in time, but Jeffrey still wants the fame that will come with one last murder. He only gives up when Emily promises him a major interview. As for his planned victim, she’s not traumatized, but grateful. Apparently, she finds that kind of spotlight exhilarating, too. And so the cycle of creepy continues.

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