Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

It’s Thanksgiving in Star City which means that it’s time for family, surprises, and arrests on Arrow.

Cayden James decides to wreak havoc on the team and Oliver at the worst possible time for everyone, as the Mayor finds himself under arrest and the city heads into a big holiday. While all of this is going on, Diggle’s attempts at fixing the nerve damage backfires leaving the team Green Arrow-less temporarily which leads to a much-needed conversation and some solid family moments.

Watson’s Green Arrow Investigation Intensifies

Agent Samanda Watson may be Oliver’s most significant law enforcement nemesis the show has had and this hour was a perfect example why. She is tenacious and unwilling to step back and has already seemingly connected the dots. Unlike his previous run-ins with the law as the hood or the Arrow, this feels like the closest to Oliver being found out.

What will be interesting to see is where she is getting all of this information and evidence she has been compiling because one can only assume that the team has done a solid job of covering their tracks.

All of the Tension, Confrontations, and Resolutions

Curtis and Felicity’s first hurdle in corporate ownership came down to what their partnership entailed. The pushback on Helix Dynamics and what they were going to develop at their company felt like an important moment to see play out, adding another layer to their story outside of the team and their dynamic. Seeing Curtis confront Felicity about how their partnership should go felt like it reflected how they usually work on the team. But with their problems somewhat resolved, the question now becomes will they be changing anything? Maybe their company name?

Meanwhile, Diggle and Oliver have their own issues to get through as Oliver finds out about Digg’s nerve damage and experimentation. The pair didn’t hold back when it came to the initial confrontation about what Digg was doing to himself, especially when Oliver pulled the “I have been angry, but this is the first time I’ve been disappointed” line.

Cayden James’ Villainous Origins

Cayden James’ return to wreak havoc on the team came with not only a setup but also a partial explanation for why he had his eyes set on the team. The set up to have the team filmed while attacking fake cops when they thought they were stopping a thermobaric bomb right before Star City was set to vote on the Anti-Vigilante bill was pretty smart. However, there was just something lacking in James’ explanation to Oliver about why he’s even doing this.

Though the loss of his son explains his vendetta just fine, it feels like a story we’ve heard too many times over the years. Granted, Cayden came into play when Chase was setting up the team to mess with Oliver; it felt like James was supposed to be Felicity’s big bad. I’m curious to see how his strategy works out and who his target is (beyond Oliver).

A Happy Thanksgiving After All

Despite all of the obstacles, there’s at least one family that has something to be thankful for. Seeing Thea wake up in time to celebrate the holiday with her family was a sweet moment as they all gathered around her hospital bed. The best part of it was the entire room filled with Oliver’s family, from Thea and William to Felicity and Diggle.            

Stray Observations

The explanation Digg had for stepping into the Green Arrow didn’t feel like it made sense with what we saw of the 100th episode alternate reality the Dominators inflicted on everyone. It was clear that that world was far from perfect, aside from a few people being alive. Although it has been interesting to see Digg deal with the Green Arrow mantle, it felt like a dismissal of what he accomplished as Spartan who was a hero in his own right.

It was fun spotting Jean Loring’s return as Queen family counsel and seeing Bones’ Pej Vahdat as City Attorney.

That’s it for (my very delayed) recap/review! I’ll be covering night two of the crossover, so stay tuned for that!