Arrowverse Crossover
Crisis on Earth-X, Parts 1 & 2

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Hello Arrowverse fans! It’s night one of the four-part (and fourth!) Arrowverse crossover event, which has been touted as a four-hour movie and it didn’t disappoint. I’ll be covering tonight’s two hours, while Brianna will cover night two tomorrow. So let’s get to it!

In Part One, we open with Nazis on Earth-X. They attack a facility to retrieve some machine/weapon. It ends with Dark Arrow killing Earth-X’s version of Guardian.

In Central City, Iris is bugging Barry about how not everyone has RSVPed to their wedding. There’s a fun montage where everyone belatedly RSVPs – Oliver while fighting ninjas, the Legends in Medieval England, and Supergirl fighting a Dominator and then deciding with Alex that they shouldn’t sit and wallow. So Kara invites Alex as her plus one since it was Mon-El and this is a crossover event.

What follows is more fun where the girls get mani-pedis and the guys try on tuxes. I especially enjoyed Barry giving Oliver relationship advice on how they should get their happy ending, too. Both guys and gals ask if Felicity and Oliver will be the next to get married so you know where this is going.

Barry and Iris have their rehearsal dinner at Jitters because that makes the most sense. Here Alex and Sara bond over scotch (and later make out) while Barry learns about what happened to Mon-El and solicits Kara’s singing abilities for the big day. Oliver brings up marriage with Felicity and she says no and when Oliver pushes more on it, Felicity ends up saying “I won’t want to marry you” a little too loudly for all the guests to hear. Joe’s gives one of the best speeches to the happy couple by ending it with, “Thank you for showing me how to love again. For showing me that love is the most important thing we have.” Awwww!

Wedding day! The morning starts off bad for Alex, who wakes up realizing she had a one night stand with Sara and ends up sneaking out of Sara’s room not so gracefully. Outside the church, Kara’s been worried about Alex disappearing on another Earth. Then Sara arrives and blows the whole truth open. Alex feels horrible, but Kara is happy for sis, but then mentions how Sara is an assassin!

At the wedding there’s an overly happy waitress catering to just Barry. Ceremony time and Kara sings “Runnin’ Home to You” as Joe escorts Iris down the aisle. Just as the minister ask if there are objections, he’s blown into oblivion. Yup, the Nazis are here, but luckily, everyone hates them.

The team battle these Nazis, including Supergirl’s doppleganger, who take their fight out into the skies, while also safely evacuating all the other wedding guests. I think Heat Wave had more fun erasing everyone’s mind later. The fighting abruptly ends after Supergirl does a super clap to her Kara-X, knocks her out and Dark Arrow tells everyone to retreat. In the mele, Cisco is send over with a concussion and our heroes are able to nab Prometheus-X.

Elsewhere, Cisco presents Professor Stein with a new serum that will safely separate him and Jax, so no powers for either and so Stein can go be a grandpa. At the dinner Stein reveals to Jax that he took the serum further so that he can have half powers of his own, but he can only be able to stick to things, so it’s not quite a super power or Spiderman-like. Jax reveals that he’s not OK with losing his powers nor OK with losing Stein, the closest thing he’s ever had to having a dad.

The episode ends with the reveal that Reverse Flash Thawne is the leader and scolds Dark Arrow and Kara-X for being reckless and going in too early.

Part Two opens with one of the bigger reveals of the episode – Prometheus-X is Earth-X’s Tommy Merlyn! We also learn that Earth-X is the 53rd, oft unspoken about Earth because no sane person would travel there. It’s the one where the Nazi’s developed the atomic bomb first and won the war.

Oliver speaks with Tommy-X solo while the team discuss the different Earths. Tommy lures Oliver in with some intel about how on his Earth they are also best buds and that maybe he’s willing to flip, but then evil Tommy takes the cyanide pill and that’s the end of that. Tommy’s again dead.

The Dark Arrow and team know that Tommy’s dead and in another reveal, on Earth-X, Dark Arrow and Kara-X are a couple! Speaking of couples, Felicity and Oliver again have more couple talk, where Felicity is set on not getting married despite her love for him. Elsewhere, Alex and Sara have awkward run ins and Alex later admits to Kara that maybe letting Maggie go was wrong, but there’s really no time to waste on this love stuff because things are getting real again.

The Nazis have been spotted at a break-in, so Flash, Supergirl, and lastly Arrow on his bike (no super speed) show up. The villains have already stolen the prism. This is also where the heroes meet face to face with two dopplegangers and who is to be revealed – the real Eobard Thawne! Kara’s also grossed by Dark Arrow and Kara-X as a married couple. Oliver shoots a Kryptonite arrow at Kara-X and it seems to take her down, but then she distracts our heroes by collapsing a nearby structure they have to fix so the villains can get away.

Back at STAR labs, Alex looks at Kara-X’s blood from the arrow and the team puts it all together that the prism was stolen so they can build a neutron bomb! The team are able to track the our Earth-X-ers to a shipping yard where Barry, Oliver, Alex, Kara, Firestorm, and Sara fight off everyone except Dark Arrow, who is invading STAR Labs. There, only Heat Wave, Felicity, Iris, and Caitlin remain. Heat Wave tells Iris and Felicity to hide so he and Killer Frost can take care of the villain, but they are easily bested. Luckily, Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific show up to fight, but they are no match for this group and are bested. But Iris and Felicity are still OK!

At the shipping yard, the fighting is intense. Kara-X knocks out Oliver pretty good and then Metallo shows up. And no sooner all our heroes have a collar around their neck and are all tied up. Then we learn that Kara-X is dying and they only way to save her is through a heart transplant and guess what – they found the perfect match! So the stolen prism will be used to duplicate a red sun so they can cut Kara open as the donor. Another flash from Metallo and now everyone except Kara are on Earth-X is a concentration-like prison.

How will our heroes escape? Share your thoughts on all the reveals in Parts One and Two and get ready for Three and Four tomorrow with Brianna!