It was the second and final night of the big Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Earth-X, as we meet The Ray, a familiar face returns to help the team, and some powerful emotions rule the final two hours of the crossover.

Fresh off of being captured by the Earth-X contingent, the first hour begins with most of the superheroes are stuck on Earth-X trying to find a way home. That’s where they meet their chance at fighting their way back in the form of Ray Terrill aka The Ray, Earth-X’s Leonard Snart, and the stubborn General of the resistance on Earth-X, Winn. But while they are trying to find a way back into the Nazi-occupied building to get to the portal that would lead them back, Felicity and Iris take the initiative and find a way to get through STAR Labs to save Kara from Overgirl, Eobard, and Dark Arrow.

In the midst of the action and fighting to save their Earth from a potential invasion, Jax and Stein’s story took hold as Stein makes the sacrifice for his Firestorm counterpart after managing to kill a group of Nazi soldiers. But it wasn’t the only emotionally rife moments in the final night of the crossover as the team come together and face off against Earth’s worst enemies, attend a funeral, and a surprise double wedding.

Powerful Emotions and Heavy Character Scenes Ruled the Final Night

It was obvious that because of the nature of the arc for the crossover, heavy moments and emotions would run high. But the ay they all played out throughout the night was well done and packed quite an emotional punch.

In its most tense moments, the crossover delivered it’s most nerve-wracking and heartbreaking. From seeing Sara face off against Earth-X Lance at the camp and Oliver being tested by seeing Earth-X Felicity to Felicity dealing with Eobard’s threat, night two didn’t hold back.

That’s not to say that the epic final fight in the Legends of Tomorrow hour didn’t rank pretty high in terms of amazing work. But it was the emotional moments and the aftermath of those moments that stayed with me.

Stein’s Heroic Sacrifice

We had to say goodbye to Victor Garber’s Martin Stein, and it was just as painful and tearful as you would imagine. Both Garber and Franz Drameh did amazingly painful work in the final two hours as Stein sacrifices himself to get the portal open for the team to return to their Earth and asks Jax to hand him the reconfigured serum so that they both don’t die.

The continued reiteration that Jax was Stein’s family and vice versa was what really brought the tears as Jax has to tell Clarissa and Lilly about Stein’s death. Jax’s reaction felt authentic and like he really did just lose a parent. It will make seeing the aftermath of all of this sad to watch.

SmoakWest Team Up!

One of the highlights of a crossover is seeing different characters that don’t interact often work together. So, seeing Felicity and Iris team up to save Kara was pretty impressive. It was great seeing them strategize and beat up Nazis together while getting to Kara and trying to find ways to free their friends from the pipeline. Not to mention the fact that these wonderful, smart women don’t have masks or suits and yet helped save the day was terrific.

It’s a Good Day for an Olicity/WestAllen Wedding

With love at the center of this crossover, both romantic and familial, it made sense that it all ended with not just one wedding but two. And they were two weddings fans have been waiting for varying amounts of time. It made sense that with the ceremony already had and at least one small perfect moment for the pair, Iris and Barry would opt for someone just officiating it and making it intimate. Hearing the pair trade vows was lovely and heartwarming after being in love with each other for so long.

After everything Oliver and Felicity have gone through in five years and in this crossover alone, it was beautiful to see Felicity propose to Oliver and address why she was afraid of saying yes when he proposed to her in the Supergirl portion of the crossover. Though we didn’t get fleshed out vows, there are callbacks to the ones they traded back in season four. Having Digg officiate their wedding was absolutely perfect considering how long he’s been rooting for his friends.

Stray Observations

The Nazi imagery and characters involved continued to be an aspect of the crossover that was uncomfortable to watch in the unsettling behavior and things that these characters said. Though it’s somewhat understandable why they would choose an evil group that is currently plaguing the world right now (again), some of the aspects of it felt a little overwhelming.

Felicity, a Jewish woman (and doesn’t wear a mask), fighting Nazis and standing up to Earth-X Oliver was just so satisfying to watch. From her team up with Iris to her moment protecting Kara and verbally threatening Nazis to leave their Earth, it was just so fantastic. Also satisfying to watch? Oliver fulfilling his promise of killing his Earth-X self. No hesitation in shooting his arrow, only a matter of his doppelgänger turning around to face him.

The Ray’s introduction with the line “I loved the wrong person” definitely left an impression and seeing him grow more with the super team as he helped them fight the Nazis made it kind of sad to see him go by the end of the night. There’s also the fact that from the hints of his and Leo’s relationship, we could have watched a bit more of that on screen.

So, that’s it for my mega recap/review of the mega-crossover. What did you think of the crossover?