Though it’s been a long time since I’ve written for The TwoCentsTV, I thought it would be a fun – albeit bittersweet – opportunity to write one final article to say goodbye. I decided to pay tribute to The Two Cents TV – and thus, my love of TV – by compiling a list of some TV scenes that have stuck with me through the years. Spoilers ahead, for sure!

A few of my favorite TV scenes – for better or worse – to say farewell.

Frustratingly Terrifying
One of my favorite characters on Game of Thrones was Prince Oberin. The guy had such swagger, and such amusingly cocky dialogue, that it was a blast to watch him steal every scene he was in. So, when he finally fought The Mountain I was pretty concerned. Going in, I was pretty sure he’d lose. But, wait, what’s that? He’s winning? OMG He’s actually winning? Yes. Yes, he was. Until he went a little schizo, lost track of his opponent, and got clobbered by means of having his head squished at the very end. The head squash of one of my favorite characters was terrifying, but knowing Oberin had won the battle and could have been alive still if he’d not lost his composure was so, so, so frustrating. I am not saying I yelled at the TV when he perished, but I’m not saying I didn’t.

Best Twist(s)
I am not sure when “twist endings” became a thing in TV. Maybe with the Twilight Zone or something? I don’t know. But, for me, there was one show that still to this day had the best twists: LOST. I still remember some of the most jaw dropping twists from that show: “not Penny’s boat”, or the statue with four toes, or the light in the bunker coming on, or people randomly exploding, to name just a few. But one twist in particular, the one where I can still feel the emotion when it dropped, was surely when the “flashback” is revealed to be a “flashforward”, and Jack is standing there in front of Kate saying they have to go back. OMG. Mind blown.

Cutest Romance
If you haven’t finished Stranger Things season 2 yet, then stop reading and skip to the next scene. Maybe as a newly minted father I am becoming a softie, but my favorite part of the entire second season was when Mike and Eleven see each other again for the first time. They just nailed that look of longing soulmates. And then to cap off the season with their adorable little dance and kiss. Sorry, world, my heart melts for their little romance.

Bad Decisions
There is only one show I can think of where almost every character is constantly making awful decisions. Like, supremely bad decisions. Decisions where even a brief reflection of previous events would warrant different decisions. And that show is The Walking Dead. How are any of ‘the gang’ honestly still alive? Some have met their demise (like Andrea), and others, like Carl, are somehow still breathing despite a revolving door of bad decisions. Episodes often feel like the writers are just trolling us to see how many illogically bad decisions we’ll tolerate.

Worst Farewell
Sorry, but the ending to The Sopranos was awful. When the screen went black I literally thought my TV had frozen. It stays with me because it was an amazing show and it ended on such a lame note.

Best Farewell
Which brings me to the best farewell: “I got off the plane.” Yes, Friends. For all its wackiness in the final few seasons, the finale is 100% on point. It wraps everything up so nicely, and whether you love Ross and Rachel or not, no one who loved Friends can say they weren’t on the edge of their seat for that finale, especially that scene. A great farewell to a great show.

And, with that as a perfect segue, it is my privilege to bid this fun blog, The Two Cents TV, a fond farewell.

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer