It’s weird writing this right now. Amid a lot of life changes, this is one more change coming my way. For some reason, despite my knowing that all things eventually end I thought I’d be writing for TwoCentsTV for a long while. So, it was tough to write this farewell.

I remember joining the team with KP, Jules, and the other editors welcoming me. I had found a group of people who are TV fans and like writing about it, and I was so excited about the new opportunity. Over the years, I have gotten to learn so much not just about television but also about what makes a team work. I have been very fortunate to work with the group of people who were so encouraging and willing to go along with some of my more ambitious project ideas. It was also great getting to talk TV with people who had different views and pushed me to see things from different perspectives.

In my time with TCTV, I learned a lot about writing, coding, and time management (KP and Jules can relate! Haha!). And for that, I will forever be grateful for the chances I got, the people I got to interact with, and the lessons I’ve learned.

Thank you, TwoCentsTV.

Brianna – Managing Editor